The patriot sisters

Patriots of all Generations Rising Up

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Two Sisters Who are No Longer Staying Silent

The Patriot Sisters are two sisters who have called several states and another country home. So they have experienced first hand several different cultures and ways of life. Since young girls they’ve travelled around the U.S. speaking to women about the value of finding your voice. They’ve shared speaking platforms with the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News, NASA instructors, state governors, various domestic and international news publications such as SkyNews and NHK World-Japan, and more.

They’ve both been classically trained in dance, and spent a good portion of their life dedicated to becoming top national competitors in the pageant industry.

Kingdom-minded Christian values have been instilled in them since day 1. They have watched their generation fall prey to the far left political agenda, and have decided that enough is enough.

It’s time we rise up, stand tall, and speak truth.

This is who we are… unapologetically🇺🇸

Rise Up

Being silent and complacent is no longer an option. It’s time to rise up and speak up.

Stand Tall

Be confident in what you believe and don’t back down! You are allowed to speak up.

Fight Back With Truth

The truth will ALWAYS set you free. It’s time for the truth to lead the way. Facts don’t care about your feelings.