The Patriot Sisters have had the honor of being able to speak with several national and international press publications over the last 10 months. Here are a few highlights.


The Patriot Sisters joined Tim Fox and Quest Gatlin on The Victory Channel.

The girls joined News 13 from Israel an interview while in Washington D.C. *Note the article is in Hebrew, but the video is partially in English

Renewing the american covenant

Alongside Charlie Kirk, Dr. Alveda King, Kirk Cameron and others.

America stands: flashpoint

The Patriot Sisters join Gene Bailey.


The Patriot Sisters join Brian Glenn

Victory News

The sisters join Tim Fox while at CPAC 2021

Right Side Broadcasting

'Under the Influence' with Brian Glenn

As one rally Washington d.c.

The girls joined Lance Wallnau on The National Mall in Washington D.C.

Right Side Broadcasting

While at CPAC 2021, The Patriot Sisters ran into RSBN while outside the convention center.

Raise Right Podcast: Pageant Girls In Politics

The Patriot Sisters Join Rae'Lee Klein, Host of Raised Right

ITV News: United Kingdom

"The first-time US election voters on" why they're backing Trump and Biden

Right side broadcasting

RSBN's Philip Tirino at CPAC 2021

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